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Measuring & Promoting Wellness

Wellness can be determined and measured using standard, readily available laboratory tests. The particular values from each test may be used in several different ways. First, a value may be compared to scientifically determined reference ranges for that parameter which define disease states. Secondly, a value may be compared to an “optimum” range that defines more efficient levels of function and dysfunction. Lastly, and equally important, the relationships of values from various tests can be compared to one another longitudinally, over time, to reflect changes in function, dysfunction, health, and wellness.

The precise values and their relationships with one another define the proper or improper functioning of the basic health maintenance processes in the body, including the functional balances within your organ and glandular systems. For example, these standard measurements may detect dysfunctions like the emergence of an uncontrolled inflammation, or deficient protein, or worsening acidosis. These dysfunctions can then be treated before they erupt into disease. The powerful thing about this type of analysis is that it can help to determine and quantify an individual’s need for specific vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, or other nutrients. In other words, you don’t have to guess, spend your money on the latest nutrient fad, or take nutrients “just in case.” You can know with a level of scientific certainty the nutrients your body needs and lacks. You can determine the correct diet for you as an individual scientifically and precisely.

Disease rarely, if ever, just ‘happens’. Rather, disease is preceded by a metabolic or physiological dysfunction. These dysfunctions and imbalances emerge slowly and progress continuously, but generally are not noticeable because our bodies work very well at modifying physiological imbalances. However, if the cause of the dysfunction goes unrecognized, then the battle for balance can be a losing one; a dysfunction may be prolonged and become severe. Prolonged, severe, and uninterrupted dysfunctions eventually become diseases.

Take heart disease, for example. This problem is caused by inflammation in the coronary arteries caused by an abundance of oxidized ‘bad’ cholesterol (LDL). The dysfunction is largely invisible and without symptoms in its early stages. It emerges over decades and is a smoldering, metabolic fire that gradually limits blood flow to the heart muscle cells. The disease itself is not noticeable unless you look for and detect the presence of the uncontrolled inflammation within the arteries. An astute physician can uncover metabolic dysfunctions through laboratory testing that can alert the individual to the presence of the problem, and appropriate action(s) can slow and reverse the process and progression of the inflammation.

Author: Dr. David Luce

W. David Luce, M.D., P.C. is a Board Certified Internist in private practice in Boulder, Colorado. He is recognized as a innovator and thought leader in the integration of Western medicine with complimentary therapies.

Dr. David Luce | MD

W. David Luce, M.D., P.C. is a Board Certified Internist in private practice in Colorado. He is recognized as a medical innovator, educator, public health advocate, and a leader in the integration of evidence-based Western medicine with complimentary therapies. Educated at Dartmouth, Harvard and Yale, Dr. Luce has over 20 years experience designing and implementing innovative treatment programs that restore health and wellness to his patients. He is a passionate proponent for the use of Western science, not only to prevent disease, but also ...

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