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Achieving Balance

The wellness approach to medicine is exciting, thorough, and available for individuals of all ages. The only requirement is a desire to learn how to work with his/her body to maintain balance. The proper homeostatic balance of your complex body physiology is wellness. Wellness maintenance is a science-based methodology that can follow one throughout their whole life. It is specific, detailed, and physiologically based. It requires the realization by the individual that you can learn how to get the most from your body. You do this by measuring what your body needs and asks for, and then by supplying it in a disciplined fashion.

We know intuitively that the blood chemistry contains an ocean of information. It will always give clues to the cause of a symptom or disease. Of course, the key lies in the interpretation, the ability to read the information contained in the blood. The blood chemistry can be viewed as the body’s own ongoing weather report of its condition. The information lies not only in the optimal range of individual tests, but also in the relationships of the various tests to one another.

For the first time that we know of, science can actually provide numbers that define a situation of wellness. We now know that the numerical results, produced from standard laboratory tests, can tell us a lot about an individual’s state of wellness by analyzing them in relation to an optimal range that is much narrower than the reference ranges used to diagnose disease. In particular, these numerical results define certain health processes, which include control of acid stresses, balancing calcium metabolism, promoting aerobic vs. anaerobic metabolism, controlling oxidative stress, promoting a healthy inflammatory response, maintaining connective tissues in a healthy fashion, as well as diagnosing protein metabolism and defining its balance.

Fortunately, dysfunctions reflect themselves in the blood chemistry. The body is incredibly sophisticated, logical and specific; it always does its best to stay balanced and healthy. Viewed from this perspective of physiological homeostasis (a scientific intelligent balance), the blood chemistry reveals key information about how to help the body restore and maintain balance. We can know what our bodies need and for how long. We can know the causes of the dysfunction(s); we can then be more specific in our efforts to eliminate and/or control them. Using the example of heart disease, we can measure and reduce the amount of dangerous fat particles, support the body’s ability to turn off the inflammation process, supply deficient antioxidants, promote the elimination of toxins, and reduce the body’s tendency to calcify.

Author: Dr. David Luce

W. David Luce, M.D., P.C. is a Board Certified Internist in private practice in Boulder, Colorado. He is recognized as a innovator and thought leader in the integration of Western medicine with complimentary therapies.

Dr. David Luce | MD

W. David Luce, M.D., P.C. is a Board Certified Internist in private practice in Colorado. He is recognized as a medical innovator, educator, public health advocate, and a leader in the integration of evidence-based Western medicine with complimentary therapies. Educated at Dartmouth, Harvard and Yale, Dr. Luce has over 20 years experience designing and implementing innovative treatment programs that restore health and wellness to his patients. He is a passionate proponent for the use of Western science, not only to prevent disease, but also ...

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